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The Mechanical Engineering Group

Designing for space presents a unique and fascinating technical challenge. The skills needed to design scientific instruments for this special environment span many disciplines and specialists, whom MSSL are proud to call their own.

The Mechanical Engineering Group has had a long tradition of Space hardware design and construction, and has proven itself up to this technical challenge. The experience of our highly qualified engineers, designers and technicians is vast and diverse over a number of successful space missions, since its formation in 1965. It facilitates Design, Analysis, Project Management, Manufacture, Test and Integration of development and hardware components and instruments.

Manufacturing and design support continues through from integration within our clean room to delivery to the spacecraft integration facility.


The group is organised into three distinct functional sections.


Design Office (MDO)

  • 4 Designers
  • 3 Engineers
  • 1 Subcontractor


Mechanical workshop

  • 1 Supervisor
  • 7 Technicians


Test Facilities and Clean Room

  • 2 Technicians


The group is headed up by Mr. Berend Winter.


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