Everything must go, in MSSL's Great Galactic Giveaway!

Those crazy boffins from University College London are at it again... Professor Alan Smith will present a talk entitled 'Journey to the edge of the Universe'. This will be followed by an auction of Space memorabilia in aid of The National Autistic Society.

Those attending will have the chance to bid for a range of items that includes; Russian postage stamps commemorating the launch of the Soviet space mission Verana-Halley in 1984, postmarked in Moscow on the day of the launch; a paperweight made from pieces of the Hubble Space Telescope's solar panels; and a test mirror used at MSSL to develop the XMM Optical Monitor, part of the XMM Newton Observatory - the largest spacecraft ever built by the European Space Agency.

The event will take place on Friday 30th March starting at 7:30pm at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Attendance is by invitation or ticket only. Members of the press are welcome.

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