Division II
Working Group on International Data Access
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Operation of the Working Group

Membership and Communications:

The Working Group will operate mainly by e-mail, with occasional telephone conferences. Follow the link for a list of the current Members of the Working Group - the Group can be extended as necessary.

Virtual Observatory activities

The Working Group is trying to encourage the communities to help develop standards and participate in the virtual observatory (VO) projects. In addition to representatives from the general community, the following VO projects are represented in the Working Group: EGSO, VSO, VHO, VSTO and CoSEC; we are also collaborating with VMO and VIMTO. See the Links page for more information.

Space Weather

Within the context of Space Weather, the Working Group will discuss issues regarding:
  • Requirements for distribution of solar and heliospheric data for immediate use (for forecasting and planning) and scientific research
  • Generation and quality of metadata required to identify observations within the solar, heliospheric and related domains.
  • Access to tools that are relevant for forecasting (short and long term)

The Working Group is collaborating closely with another Division II Working Group on International Collaboration on Space Weather (Chaired by Dave Webb).