Spacelab 1 mission (Nov. 1983)

MSSL was part of a collaboration, led by ESA ESTeC, which built the Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter (GSPC) experiment no. ES023 for the Spacelab 1 mission on Shuttle Columbia STS flight no. 9. This was an X-ray astronomy experiment, aimed at obtaining spectra of cosmic X-ray sources with higher spectral resolution than any other non-dispersive spectrometer flown that far. The mission was successful, the experiment was returned to Earth after 10 days in space (and it has been on display at MSSL ever since) and good data were collected.

Mission is ON!

Gas Scintillation Proportional Counter (GSPC): collimator and mirror for angular measurements on the ground

GSPC handling structure

GSPC Electrical Ground Support Equipment

Integration at ERNO

Integration in the ESA bridge

Getting ready for launch

John, Paul and Dieter at the Payload Operation Control Center (POCC) in Houston, Texas

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