Cloud-Top Heights from stereo-matching using ATSR2 data over South England:

The sample shown here is a ATSR2 forward and nadir image pair taken on the 12.9.1998 over South England. For further information about this sensor carried on board the European Space Agency's (ESA) ERS-2 satellite please have a look at the ATSR HOME PAGE.

Nadir view at 11 micron
For a enlarged view please klick on image.

Forward view at 11 micron
For a enlarged view please klick on image.

Location of the ATSR2 scene. Chilbolton in
Hampshire is marked on this map as the data
of RAL radars at this site are used to validate our results.

Cloud Top Heights from ATSR -->

A number of different stereo matchers have been developed at UCL for application to cloud images. Shown here is the result of applying the multi-point matcher (M2) algorithm originally developed by Mandanayake & Muller (1995). When clouds are broken, M2 can detect not only the upper level CTH but also the first visible layer below this.

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