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Dan Fisher

Research Interests

Photo of Dan Fisher
  • Stereo imaging of clouds
  • Machine vision applications
  • Atmospheric sciences



"New cloud products from (A)ATSR(2) by fusing stereo photogrammetry and Optimal Estimation for improving the detection of global climate change from the monitoring of changing cloud-top height distributions after validation using ground-based radar, lidar and imaging."

Supervisors: Prof. Jan-Peter Muller & Dr Caroline Poulsen

Studies of the vertical and horizontal distributions of clouds over a 15 year time period starting in 1997 will be made using products derived from the unique multispectral and multi -look stereo capabilities of the British (A)ATSR(2) instrument. These satellite-derived products will be inter- compared where temporal overlap exists and with other ESA (MERIS) and NASA (MISR and MODIS cloud products) to assess what unique information each product provides and how by combining this unique information, insights into the nature of clouds and their responses to changing levels of CO2 can be better assessed. These satellite-derived products will also be compared against cloud boundary and microphysical information derived from ground-based radars and lidars at the Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric Radar Research (CFARR) as well as the ARM sites in the central US and in the tropical West Pacific have when comparing continuous profile measurements against 2D first-observable and Australia. This will allow us to assess how representative these sites are of general cloud climatologies as well as what impact time and space sampling characteristics surface ones from satellite.


Year of completion
M.Sc. Remote Sensing University College London (UCL) 2009
B.Sc. Geography University College London (UCL) 2006



  • Mapping Science - Demonstrating to new M.Sc. Remote Sensing students methods in mapping science.


March 2010 [15th-17th]
RSPSoc Annual Student Meeting (ASM) 2010
June/July 2010 [29th-2nd]
ESA Living Planet Symposium
August 2010 [2nd-13th]
ESA Earth Observation Summer School
September 2010 [1st-3rd]
RSPSoc 2010 Annual Conference

One fact about me is...

I can identify over 20 varieties of apple...


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New Group Members

The Imaging group would like to welcome the new Ph.D. students, Arrow Lee, Wil Poole and Daoxi Zhang to the team.

Arrow will be working on reconstructing density and motion of the Solar atmosphere and Coronal Mass Ejections from a series of stereoscopic images captured by NASAs STEREO mission.

Wil will be working on Mars surface roughness mapping using multi-resolution imaging and MOLA beam broadening, for landing site selection and the study of surface formation and evolution mechanisms.

Daoxi will be working on understanding the potential and limitations of solar-induced and laser-induced flourescent imaging of cyanobacteria in freshwater and seawater.

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