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Dale Potts

Research Interests

Photo of Jonathan O'Regan
  • Remote sensing from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Hyperspectral imaging over complex targets
  • Radiometric calibration and data validation
  • Remote sensing for Planetary Science and Astrobiology


"3D Vision and data fusion for satellite calibration and validation using Autonomous Robotic platforms"

Supervisors: Prof. Jan-Peter Muller & Dr. Nigel Fox

Satellite-based radiometric measurements play a critical role in monitoring the Earth's climate system. Although technology has significantly advanced in the use of onboard calibration and with respect to lunar calibration measurements, there is an underlying need to conduct frequent radiometric calibration campaigns over terrestrial field sites. Up until the present-day such sites are usually located in desert or semi-arid environments and are all bright targets. This simplifies ground logistics and ensures that surface Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) can be straightforwardly characterized.

However, although there is substantial interest in bright surfaces (particularly desert, snow and ice), global changes in BRDF/albedo are more likely to occur over dark surfaces. Even with the 14-bit dynamic range instruments launched since 2000 by NASA and ESA, there is an urgent need to ensure that dark surfaces are monitored as well. Apart from volcanic regions, most of these surfaces are likely to be dense vegetation. Logistics for such areas are very difficult due to access, safety considerations and the fact that many such sites are remote. One way of addressing this logistics issue is to monitor from an autonomous un-manned aerobot such as the helicopter system developed by NPL.


M.Sc. Astronomy University of Sussex
B.Sc. Physics with Astrophysics University of Kent


March 2010 [15th-17th]
RSPSoc Annual Student Meeting (ASM) 2010 "Sensor inter-calibration for the ESA GlobAlbedo project using QA4EO protocols"
D. Potts (UCL), Prof. J-P Muller (UCL), Dr N. Fox (NPL)
April 2010 [12th-16th]
RAS National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) 2010
June/July 2010 [29th-2nd]
ESA Living Planet Symposium
September 2010 [1st-3rd]
RSPSoc 2010 Annual Conference

One fact about me is...

I make horrible, mind-warping, experimental music.


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New Group Members

The Imaging group would like to welcome the new Ph.D. students, Arrow Lee, Wil Poole and Daoxi Zhang to the team.

Arrow will be working on reconstructing density and motion of the Solar atmosphere and Coronal Mass Ejections from a series of stereoscopic images captured by NASAs STEREO mission.

Wil will be working on Mars surface roughness mapping using multi-resolution imaging and MOLA beam broadening, for landing site selection and the study of surface formation and evolution mechanisms.

Daoxi will be working on understanding the potential and limitations of solar-induced and laser-induced flourescent imaging of cyanobacteria in freshwater and seawater.

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