Revisions to the TRACE Analysis GuideRevisions to the TRACE Analysis Guide (TAG)

Updates since Version 1.20

Version 1.20 (1 July, 1999) was the first proper release - previous versions were missing important sections on the TRACE instrument calibration.

Version 1.21 - (10 October, 1999)

Postcript file for A4 and US letter paper provided.

User Guide: Corrected some typos; Added addtional examples on struct_where, and new material on grid_data and tim2dset in reading and selecting data.

Instrument Guide: none.

Version 1.22 - (18 November, 1999)

User Guide: Corrected some typos; Updated and expanded section on trace_prep; some updates and clarification in diagnostics section.

Instrument Guide: none.

Version 1.23 - (15 February 2000)

Made this list available in Web version of the TAG. Added the Index to the PostScript version of the TAG.

User Guide: Corrected some typos; link to vignetting explanation; comment and link on atmospheric absortption; even more explicit statements about need for SSWDB files and packages/binaries branch of SSW; improved trace_prep writeup.

Instrument Guide: Removed paragraph under CCD properties relating to bad pixel map - it has now been implemented; removed typo - pedestal is DN not DN/sec; CCD noise less than 2-3 DN/s; added link to Diffraction Pattern report; added cooments on atmospheric absorption in image quality; added few other index records; many corrections/typos supplied by CJW.

Appendix: Added to section on eclipse season and atmospheric absorption.

Version 1.24 - (11 January 2001)

Introduction: Updated the references; corrected a couple of typos.

User Guide: Removed section about repairing TRACE images - routine never written and trace_decode now much better.

Appendix: Updated the URLs for the TAG: Lockheed to ~ bentley/guides/tag and MSSL to

Added new section on searching for TRACE data which includes several URLs.

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