The motion of an LDE across the solar surface

Science Nugget Oct 14, 1997

    A long duration event (LDE) occurred a day after we completed a CCD 'bakeout', a process whereby unwanted condensates are purged from the refridgerated CCD by heating. It was from the region AR 8100, which was already bright and active on its appearance on the east limb. The following plot shows a GOES 1-8 A light curve for the flare. Yohkoh data for the rising part have already been reformatted, and more data covering the soft X-ray peak will be reformatted within a few days. The hard X-ray intensity was not high. (Click on the graph to see a larger, more visible, version.)

The event was quite eruptive. Click on the following figure to see images extracted from the full disk images. The field of view is 440000 km square.


Click on the following figure to see the images taken during flare mode. The indicated loop moved to the east (probably to higher altitudes) at a decreasing speed: it is 180 km/s between the first and second frames, but only 67 km/s between the third and fourth frames.

Further analysis of this event is ongoing.

Nariaki Nitta 14-Nov-97 (email