A Typical Data Request

Science Nugget: Jan 24, 1998

The Yohkoh chief observer often gets requests about data at specific times of interest to somebody. This is always exciting, because you never know what great discovery may be out there waiting to be spotted. The following case, courtesy of P.K. Manoharan (Ooty), illustrates the opposite - nothing obvious to be seen, too bad!

The request dealt with an IPS (Inter-Planetary Scintillation) phenomenon seen on 12 Jan. 1998. This would correspond to a solar disturbance on 9 Jan. plus or minus. The Yohkoh data are not yet fully reformatted for this interval of time, but we don't see anything much. The on-line data coverage is listed here. We have taken two standard SFD images (the standard movie images, not the best for this purpose but still good) spanning the time interval shown and made a difference image:

This shows only effects attributable to solar rotation and the normal coming and going of miscellaneous things. 

HSH, 24-Jan-97 (email hudson@isass0.solar.isas.ac.jp)