An extraordinarily high-latitude region

Science Nugget: Mar 06, 1998

The image below shows an extremely large-scale postflare loop system that apparently arose in an active region just crossing the E limb at the amazing latitude N48! Please see Pat McIntosh's commentary for details. From the SXT point of view, the structure you can see at the NE limb is an extremely large-scale post-flare loop system seen side-on, with a nice cusp structure at the south end of the "Conestoga wagon" arcade. Probably a huge CME erupted sideways from this flare - let us check the LASCO data.


Note that (in spite of Pat's comment!) as of our last standard image before the weekend, the NE region still did not outweigh the SW region (see image below). If it does develop substantially and flare, SXT may not be able to observe it because it is too far north for the on-board search algorithm. This is an extremely rare phenomenon.


Eclipse of Feb. 26

For those of you who have tuned in just to see the beautiful Yohkoh eclipse movies, please check here. Data from all three of the episodes have now been received from the NASA groundstations and reduced. 
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