Journal articles from ADS searching on either "Bastille" or "July 14"

  • [1] The Topology and Evolution of the Bastille Day Flare (note: this was the 1998 event)
  • [2] Magnetic Energy Release and Transients in the Solar Flare of 2000 July 14
  • [3] Relationship between magnetic field evolution and major flare event on July 14, 2000
  • [4] The Magnetic Rope Structure and Associated Energetic Processes in the 2000 July 14 Solar Flare
  • [5] Heavy Ion Abundances and Spectra and the Large Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Event of 2000 July 14
  • [6] Magnetic Flux Cancellation Associated with the Major Solar Event on 2000 July 14

    ...with many more coming in a special issue of Solar Physics