SoHO Synoptic Image Archive

For SoHO science planning purposes, daily solar images (ground-based and from Yohkoh) are gathered for use at the daily planning meetings. Please note that the images have not been corrected for instrumental effects and are provided courtesy of the named institution.
Click on the appropriate highlighted date below to view available images for the given date - data for the current day are added as they become available.

March 06, 2002
March 05, 2002
March 04, 2002
March 03, 2002
March 02, 2002
March 01, 2002
February 28, 2002
February 27, 2002
February 26, 2002
February 25, 2002
February 24, 2002
February 23, 2002
February 22, 2002
February 21, 2002

Solar images for earlier dates are also available.

Files of solar images in either FITS or GIF format archived in the SoHO synoptic database can be queried through SoHO Synoptic Database by date, image type, and observatories where observations were made.

This interface written by Bob Bentley (, derived from original routines by Dominic Zarro and Liyun Wang. The SoHO Synoptic Image Archive is maintained by Luis Sánchez Duarte, the SoHO Science Data Coordinator.

Last revised: 16 February 2000
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