The SolarSoft system is a set of integrated software libraries, data bases, and system utilities which provides a "common" programming and data analysis environment for Solar Physics. The SolarSoftWare (SSW) system is built from Yohkoh, SoHO, SDAC and Astronomy libraries and draws upon contributions from many members of those projects. It is primarily an IDL based system, although some instrument teams can and do integrate executables written in other languages.

We have been testing the Yohkoh side of the SolarSoft tree for some time at the YDAC and are now satisfied that it is working. If you are interested in installing the Yohkoh analysis software, it is suggested that you install it using SolarSoft. It is possible to install all or part of the SolarSoft tree - it is an extensive tree and a complete installation requires a lot of disk space. If you are only interested in the Yohkoh analysis software, request only that part of the tree.

Detailed information about SolarSoft can be found on the web pages at Lockheed-Martin in Palo Alto, California. These include information on how to install and upgrade the tree. The main entry points are listed below:

SolarSoft can installed from Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), but the tar files needed for installation are also held at the YDAC. Please contact us if you need assistance.
5 May 1998