Other Data available at the YDAC

All secondary experiment files (including calibration data, observing logs, etc.) are held on-line, updated several times per week from Japan and the US. In addition, daily images gathered from selected ground-based observatories are available. The files stored are described below, together with their (mostly) 3-letter prefixes. New products will be added as they become available, and as space permits.

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The following Yohkoh database files are available at the YDAC. Most of the files are created on a weekly basis. Information as to where the Yohkoh files are normally stored, how they are named and referenced is contained in the Introduction to the Yohkoh Analysis Guide (YAG): User Guide.
 Yohkoh Observing Logs and Synoptic Data
OBD - BCS Observing Log                                       
OSF - SXT Full Frame Observing Log                            
OSP - SXT Partial Frame Observing Log                         
OWH - WBS/HXT Observing Log                                   
SFM - SXT FFI Monthly File (daily SFD image)            
SSC - SXT Synoptic Images (centered)                          
SSE - SXT Synoptic Images (east of center)                    
SSW - SXT Synoptic Images (west of center)                    

 General spacecraft files 
ATT - Processed S/C Attitude Database                         
EVN - Yohkoh Event Log                                        
FEM - Yohkoh Orbital Ephemeris                                
ORB - Yohkoh Orbital Position (5 min intervals)

 SXT Database Files 
SDC - SXT Dark Current Images                    
SDP - SXT Dark Current PFI Images                    
SDL - SXT Dark Current Log
SDW - SXT Dark Current Images for Warm CCD
SFC - SXT FFI Calibration (Leak) Image                        
SFS - SXT FFI Special Images (diffuser, flood...)             
SFT - SXT FFI Terminator Images
SLD - SXT Leak Dark Current Log                               
SLS - SXT Leak Scatter Log                                    

SFD - SXT FFI Desaturated Composite Images  (NB: On tape) 
SSL - SXT Summary Log                                         
SXA - SXT X-Ray Average                                       
SXC - SXT X-Ray Sun Center Log                                
SXL - SXT X-Ray Histogram Log                                 

 SXT White-light data (Ends: 92_46) 
SFW - SXT FFI White Light Images                              
SOT - SXT Optical Telescope Log                               

 Archive Tape Logs 
XAD - Exabyte ASCII Directory for Archive Tape                
XBD - Exabyte Binary Directory for Archive Tape               


The following TRACE database files are available at the YDAC. Information as to where the TRACE files are normally stored, how they are named and referenced is contained in the Introduction to the TRACE Analysis Guide (TAG).
FDSS - TRACE Ephemeris files
TCE  - TRACE Engineering Calatog
TCL  - TRACE Calatog
TCS  - TRACE Calatog (short form)
TDC  - TRACE Dark Current Images

Data from Other spacecraft

CGRO Batse
GBE - CGRO BATSE Event Log                                     
GBL - CGRO BATSE Light Curves                                  
GOES XRM Lightcurves
GEV - GOES Event Log                                          

Spacecraft    5 Min  1 Min  3 Sec     Interval Covered
GOES-10        G05    G01    G0D      98_30 onwards
GOES-9         G95    G91    G9D      96_12 - 98_30
GOES-8         G85    G81    G8D      96_12 onwards
GOES-7         G75    G71    G7D      91_35 - 96_31
GOES-6         G65    G61    G6D      91_35 - 94_34

Ground-based Data

Summary files
GOL - GBO Observing Log                                       
GSN - SOON Observing Log
NAR - NOAA Active Region                                      
Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO)
NEL - Nobeyama Radio Observatory Event Log                    
NTS - Nobeyama Radio Observatory Time Series                  
Synoptic Ground-based Images

Daily ground-based H-alpha, Magnetograms, Calcium and other images are stored as compressed FITS image files, by week. Data are available for weeks starting 91_35a; new data are added as they are made available by the observatories. The following are available:

GBH - GBO Big Bear H-alpha FITS Image                         
GCH - GBO Boulder Colorado H-alpha FITS Image                 
GHH - GBO Holloman H-alpha FITS image                         
GJH - GBO CRL Hiraiso H-alpha FITS Image                      
GLH - GBO Leamonth Australia H-Alpha FITS Image               

GBC - GBO Big Bear Large Scale H-alpha PFI FITS Image         
GBK - GBO Big Bear Calcium FITS Image                         
GBW - GBO Big Bear White Light FITS Image                     

GKI - GBO Kitt Peak He 10830 FITS Image                       
GKM - GBO Kitt Peak Magnetogram FITS Image                    

GNP - GBO Nobeyama Polarized Radio FITS Image (17 GHz)        
GNT - GBO Nobeyama Total Intensity Radio FITS Image (17 GHz)  

Most database files can be copied, but a few can only be used by people working in collaboration with members of the Yohkoh Team. If you need to know how to copy any datafile, please send a message to ydac@mssl.ucl.ac.uk.

Note: This page is updated as data is added.
Updated: 22 October, 1999