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Systems Engineering is a set of tools and techniques developed over many years to facilitate the design, production and operation of complex systems. It embodies a holistsic 'systems thinking' view of the product or service being provided considering the whole 'cradle to grave' lifecycle of such systems. The technology management group provides training and consultancy in all aspects of systems engineering from user requirements, through design, development, integration, operation and disposal.

Our training courses range from one week short courses, tailored to the needs of the customer, to the MSc in Systems Engineering Management. The definition that our courses use for systems engineering, “creating ‘system’ solutions to real-world problems and dealing with the complexity of the solution within a business context”, highlights the importance we place on relating the course material to the commercial realities of the host enterprise.

These courses not only consider the lifecycle of the system being developed but also guide the candidate through the whole systems development lifecycle processes from initial strategic positioning, through technology planning, the bid process, requirements capture and implementation. This is done in relation to the enterprise context and with consideration of the developing corporation as an intrinsic system itself. This approach fosters system thinking at every level and engenders appreciation of how the systems development environment shapes and influences the systems being developed.

The short course and MSc in Systems Engineering Management are provided by University College London’s Centre for Systems Engineering (UCLse). UCLse provides a portfolio of Systems Engineering related teaching and training for a large number of industrial organisations and individuals. These courses address aspects of Systems Engineering in a industrial/business context. UCLse’s tutors are drawn from a variety of UCL departments / centres and from industry, providing a multi-disciplinary, world-class team.


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