XMM-Newton Optical Monitor Serendipitous UV Source Survey


The size of the FITS file is 123 MB compressed and 424 MB uncompressed. The version 1.0 delivery to the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre (SOC) occurred on July 16, 2008. Pending ingestion, the XMM-OM SUSS will be publicly available via the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA) during August 2008.

The full catalogue and subsidiary data can also be downloaded directly from here.

Source Catalogue (XMM-OM-SUSSv1.0-20080716.fits.gz   123/424 MB   download
Exposure Maps (pending)      download
Postage Stamp Images (pending)      download

The source table will also be available through astrogrid and the virtual observatory shortly.