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Astrophysics Group
Mullard Space Science Laboratory

MSSL has a considerable programme of research in high energy observational and theoretical astrophysics. Topics encompass both Galactic and extragalactic astronomy and employ observations over the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These data are obtained from both satellite and ground- based observatories. Current programmes use, among others, the XMM-Newton, ROSAT, Ginga and ASCA X-ray satellites, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) and ground-based telescopes in the Canary Islands, Hawaii and South Africa. MSSL plays a continuing role in providing UK instruments for collaborative space astronomy programmes with other countries and instruments developed by MSSL are currently flying on the ESA cornerstone mission XMM-Newton. Instruments currently under development at MSSL include the UltraViolet and Optical Telescope (UVOT) which will be carried on SWIFT, a NASA mission to investigate the mysterious gamma-ray bursts; also instruments for the Russian Spectrum-X mission.

The work of the group also includes a programme of infrared/sub-mm astronomy. The new SCUBA instrument on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) is being used to observe galaxies and quasars, and studies are underway aimed at new instrumentation to measure the polarisation of the cosmic microwave background. MSSL is also involved in the construction of the BOL instrument for ESA's Far Infra Red Space Telescope (FIRST).

More information on our programme of galactic research at MSSL ... and more details of our extragalactic research

A current list of the staff in the Astrophysics Group and their main research interests



Dr. G. Branduardi-Raymont

Extragalactic astronomy, active galactic nuclei, X-ray background

Prof. M. S. Cropper

Cataclysmic variables, polarimetry, X-ray spectroscopy, magnetic fields, pulsating stars, X-ray binaries

Dr. K. Wu

Accretion and radiation processes, X-ray binaries, black holes, shock instabilities

Dr. M. J. Page

AGN, X-ray surveys, galaxy evolution

Current MPhil/PhD students and their thesis projects at MSSL

MPhils and PhDs from MSSL

Please contact for more details of our PhD programe.

For further information on the research carried out within the Astrophysics Group at MSSL, take a look at these pages.

Galactic research at MSSL Galactic research at MSSL

Cataclysmic variables, X-ray binaries and pulsating stars

Extragalactic research at MSSL Extragalactic research at MSSL

Quasars, Seyfert galaxies, narrow emission line galaxies and the cosmic X-ray background

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