Mullard Space Science Laboratory

J. L. Culhane
X-ray astronomy of the Sun

1966 (supervisor: R. L. F. Boyd)

This thesis is concerned with the study of soft X-radiation from the Sun. The properties of the Solar Corona are briefly reviewed and possible mechanisms for the production of X-rays in the Corona are critically discussed.

The proportional counter is used as a spectrometer throughout the work so the operation of this detector is considered in detail. In particular its energy resolution and limits of proportionality are examined.

The continuous X-ray spectrum of the Sun has been calculated and compared with proportional counter observations under both quiet and disturbed Solar conditions.

Finally two new experiments are described. One is a rocket experiment designed to study the radiation from the Sun in the 20 - 70A band, while the other is a satellite experiment which is designed to study the Solar radiation in the 1 - 20A band in considerable detail.


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