This page gives information on observing proposal deadlines, past, present and future. There are two very important points to note :

Deadlines 2003/2003
Image of AXAF 14 March 2003
Chandra Cycle 5
Information from Harvard
Thumbnail image of HST January 24 2003
HST Cycle 12 Call for Proposals
Information from STScI
XMM artists impression January/March 2003
XMM-Newton A0-3
Subaru logo 31st October 2002
Information from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Regular deadlines for ground-based observatories
31st March
30th September
Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
Information for observers
Image of CTIO, Chile 30th September The Cerro-Tololo InterAmerican Observatory (CTIO)
Telescopes at CTIO
Image of Kitt Peak 30th September Kitt Peak National Observatory
Observing at Kitt Peak
Image of Las Campanas mid October Las Campanas (Chile)
The Observatories of the Carnegie Institute of Washington
Image of the ANU mid March
mid June
mid September
mid November
ANU (Australia)
Information for Observers from the ANU
SAAO telescopes First of every quarter SAAO
Observing Facilities at the South African Astronomical Observatory
APO silhouette Every quarter Apache Point (USA)
The Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico
Aerial view of DAO Every quarter The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
General information from the Observatory

Please let me know of any other deadlines you would like me to add to the list.

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