Lecture Notes
High Energy Astrophysics

NEW for 2002/3!!!
There are new versions of the Pulsars and Accretion sections available below. If you don't want to download the whole files - the additional material on the pulsar in EXO0748 and the magnetic fields in accretion discs are available separately as well.

The latest Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra movies of the Crab pulsar
HST peering into the heart of the Crab Nebula
The remnants of supernova Cassiopeia A
XMM-Newton observations of the neutron star in the X-ray binary (accretion disc system) EXO0748-676
Accretion around a black hole (from XMM-Newton)

These are the most up to date PowerPoint (.ppt) versions of the lecture notes:

Absorption and Radiation Processes (Last updated 2005/6)
Cosmic Rays (Last updated 2005/6)
Supernovae (last updated 2005/6)
Pulsars (last updated 2005/6)
Accretion (last updated 2005/6)
Active Galactic Nuclei (last updated 2005/6)

Homework Sheet 1 - Questions & Answers (18/04/2005)
Homework Sheet 2 - Questions & Answers (18/04/2005)

Please contact me if you have any problems reading any of these files.

Other Web sources of material for High Energy Astrophysics courses :

 Niel Brandt's High Energy Astrophysics course at Pennsylvania State University
 ESA's XMM-Newton public outreach
 New results from the NASA Chandra X-ray observatory
 Science from the Hubble Space Telescope

Astrophysics Group home page
MSSL home page

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