Manuals in hardcopy form

Manual Date/Version Location
ASCA Data Reduction Guide Version 4 Nikita's office, Rm 2O7
ASCA Technical Description AO-5 Version Gav's office, Rm 158
Guide to ASTROM - idl astrometry routine
Alice's shelf, Rm 122
ASURV Astronomy SURVival Analysis Summer 1992 Mat's office, Rm 158
AXAF Simulator Manual - MARX 1997 Houri's office, Rm 131
DAOPHOT manual
Gavin's office, Rm 158
DIPSO spectral analysis program 1994 Alice's shelf, Rm 122
FIGARO User Guide latest version Tracey's office, Rm 2O7
FITSIO User Guide
FITSIO Cookbook

Cynthia's office, Rm 2O7
filing cabinet top draw
HAZY - the CLOUDY manual
HST Data Handbook
Part 1 - Current Instruments
Version 3 (October 1997) Keith's office, Rm 106
HST FOC data reduction and analysis of images and spectra, part 2
Kerry's shelf, Rm 158
HST FOS Instrument Handbook
Kerry's shelf, Rm 158
HST WFPC2 Instrument Handbook
Kerry's shelf, Rm 158
HTML Users Guide
IDL Reference Guide/User Guide
Roberto's office, Rm 143
Tracey's office, Rm 2O7
ING obsevers guides 1988 and 1994 Alice's shelf, Rm 122
ING ISIS astronomers guide 1992 Alice's shelf, Rm 122
IRAF beginners guide v. 2.1 Alice's shelf, Rm 122
IUE UV Spectral Atlas (not latest version) Grazi's office, Rm 124
LATEX guides
Roberto's office, Rm 143
Grazi's office, Rm 124
Nikita's office, Rm 2O7
Linux installation and users guide 1995 Alice's shelf, Rm 122
Starlink Users Guide 1996 Alice's shelf, Rm 122
XMM OM documentation including:
User handbook version 1.1
Constraints on Window Settings document

Alice's shelf, Rm 122
XMM SAS Users Guide Draft 1.3 (10 March 2000) Rhaana's office, Rm 2O7
XMM Science Simulator User Guide November 1997 Grazi's office, Rm 124
Xselect User's Guide Version 1.3 (August 1994) Kerry's shelf, Rm 158
XSPEC Users Guide v11.0x Rhaana's office, Rm 2O7
XTE Manual October 1995 Mat's office, Rm 158

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