Galaxy properties (i.e., luminosity, color,morphology, star-formation history) are known to evolve strongly with time. The redshift z~0.5-1.5 is believed to be a crucial epoch: (1) galaxies are evolving strongly as a function of stellar mass; (2) AGN activity is prevalent; (3) massive clusters are forming and (4) the red sequence is becoming established. To unambiguously determine the dominant physical processes which are driving the growth and evolution of galaxies and their central black holes at z~1 requires sensitive multi-wavelength wide-field surveys. Using the extensive suite of observations, which span decades in wavelength, available in the 3.2 deg^2 DEEP2 and ~9 deg^2 Bootes fields, we have placed new direct wavelength-independent constraints on the evolution of those galaxies hosting X-ray, IR and/or radio-bright AGN. We find that whilst there is clear evidence for mass/luminosity downsizing from z~1 to the present day, there appears to be little or no evidence for evolution in color or morphology in X-ray and IR bright AGN at this epoch. However, we find evidence for rapid color-evolution, from green-valley to red-sequence galaxies of the Radio-loud AGN, further suggesting that mechanical-feedback processes play a crucial role in the evolution of AGN and star-forming systems.