Astrophysics Group Meetings

On Tuesday afternoons in the Library, the Astrophysics Group meets for seminars (internal and external) and to discuss topics from general astronomy to group matters. These get-togethers are specifically meant to be very informal. They are intended to promote the free exchange of ideas between members of the group and others.

External speakers normally give presentations of up to an hour (including time for questions) and these will begin at 3pm unless stated otherwise.

Internal talks or discussions begin at 4pm.

Coffee and biscuits are provided at all meetings.

In charge for the period 1st January to 30th June 2000 are Graziella Branduardi-Raymont and Roberto Soria.

Calendar 2000 January to June
Date Title Speaker
13th Jan
State transitions in black-hole candidates: the optical - X-ray connection Roberto Soria
18th Jan TBD; Proposed RGS Medium Deep Surveys Mat and Grazi
1st Feb Spectroscopy of PQ Gem Cynthia James
8th Feb Report from the Cambridge VISTA meeting Mat Page
15th Feb
3pm start
Simulating the RGS spectra of active galaxies Alexander Blustin
22nd Feb X-ray emission from radio galaxies Martin Hardcastle
29th Feb X-ray emission from obscured AGN Kazushi Iwasawa
7th Mar Demonstration of SAS Gavin Ramsay
14th Mar Proposal for a polarimeter on Subaru Mark Cropper
21st Mar Proposal for a polarimeter on Subaru (part 2) Mark Cropper
11th April

18th April Report from the RAS Meeting, Edinburgh Mark Cropper
2nd May

9th May Formation and Evolution of close double white dwarfs Gijs Nelemans
University of Amsterdam
16th May MACHO Project Monitoring of LMC X-ray Binaries Phil Charles
23rd May The X-ray outbursts of dwarf novae Peter Wheatley
Leicester University
30th May

6th June group meeting
13th June Can lensed quasars really tell us Ho? Prasenjit Saha
Queen Mary & Westfield College, Univ. of London
20th June group meeting
27th June XMM observations of the accretion disk in the BH binary LMC X-3 Roberto Soria

If you have any comments or if you'd like to come and give us a seminar, please drop Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Roberto Soria or myself a line.

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