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Astrophysics Group Seminars

On Tuesday afternoons in the Library, the Astrophysics Group meets for seminars (internal and external) and to discuss topics from general astronomy to group matters. These get-togethers are specifically meant to be very informal. They are intended to promote the free exchange of ideas between members of the group and others.

Speakers normally give presentations of up to an hour (including time for questions) and these will begin at 3pm unless stated otherwise.

In charge for the period 1st July to 31st December 2002 are Kinwah Wu and Steven Fuerst.

Calendar 2002 July to December
Date Title Speaker
2nd Jul

9th Jul Does philosophy play any role in physics and cosmology? Vladimir Yershov
16th Jul Lobster-ISS meeting, Leicester
23rd Jul

30 Jul

6th Aug

13th Aug

20th Aug

27th Aug Accretion flow along a dipolar structure Joao Batista Canalle
visiting MSSL
3rd Sep

10th Sep

17th Sep AGN and Star Formation in Merging Infrared Galaxies Lisa Kewley
24th Sep STJ Observations of Eclipsing Polars Christian Bridge, MSSL
FRIDAY 4th Oct The Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS) on GAIA Mark Cropper
15th Oct TBA Mat Page
22nd Oct no seminar - RGS Consortium Meeting
29th Oct Simulations of X-ray Groups and Clusters Scott Kay
University of Sussex
5th Nov Wide Field Time Resolution Sources
GRB and afterglow Era
Gavin Ramsay
Elizabeth Auden
12th Nov The soft excess Seyfert galaxy
RE J2248-511
Rhaana Starling
THURSDAY 14th Nov Numerical Simulations of Magnetically Controlled Accretion Flow Andrea Mignone
University of Chicago
19th Nov Towards gravitational wave astronomy Alberto Vecchio
Birmingham University
26th Nov Unravelling the mysteries of the luminous X-ray binary in M15 Liza van Zyl
Keele University
3rd Dec

10th Dec

If you have any comments or if you'd like to come and give us a seminar, please drop Kinwah or Steven a line.

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Astrophysics seminars January to June 2002
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Astrophysics seminars January to June 2001
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