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Astrophysics Group Seminars

On Tuesday afternoons in the Library, the Astrophysics Group meets for seminars (internal and external) and to discuss topics from general astronomy to group matters. These get-togethers are specifically meant to be very informal. They are intended to promote the free exchange of ideas between members of the group and others.

Speakers normally give presentations of up to an hour (including time for questions) and these will begin at 3pm unless stated otherwise.

In charge for the period 1st July to 31st December 2003 are Catherine Brocksopp and Urmila Kraev. Seminars will resume in September after the summer break.

Calendar 2003 July to December
Date Title Speaker
1st Sep XMM-Newton discovery of the Warm and Hot Intergalactic Medium Jelle Kaastra
SRON, Utrecht
9th Sep Part I - What are the "ultraluminous X-ray sources" in nearby galaxies?
Part II - ULX in NGC4559
Roberto Soria
Mark Cropper
16th Sep Stirring clusters of galaxies: Resolving the cooling catastrophe Christian Kaiser
Thu 18th Sep Variability and GAIA
Tomaz Zwitter
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
23rd Sep
Outflows from Quasars and ULXs Andrew King
Leicester University
30th Sep
Common Room
The Discovery of Bright Cosmic X-Ray Sources
Herb Gursky
US Naval Research Laboratory,
Washington DC
7th Oct
Common Room
Jet-Cloud Interaction in the Nuclear Region of Active Galaxies
Curtis Saxton
Max Planck Institute, Bonn
14th Oct
Common Room
Waves in the Solar corona
(joint with Solar Group)
Valery Nakariakov
University of Warwick
21st Oct Invading the Dark Side
Houri Ziaeepour
28th Oct
Radio and X-ray observations during the outburst decay of the Black Hole Candidate XTE J1908+094 Peter Jonker
IoA Cambridge
4th Nov - no seminar -

11th Nov - no seminar -
PPARC Rolling Grant Panel Visit

Mon 17th Nov 3pm Planetary radio emissions:
From Jupiter to extrasolar planets
(joint with Plasma Group)
Andrew Willes
University of Sydney
18th Nov Science with SPIRE on Herschel
Mat Page
25th Nov First results from the XMM-Newton observation of the Broad Line Radio Galaxy/Seyfert 1 AGN 3C120
Alex Blustin
2nd Dec
Common Room
Investigating Quasar Bias
Nicola Loaring
9th Dec Exploring the Nature of the Faint X-ray Point Sources near the Galactic Centre
Reba Bandyopadhyay
16th Dec - no seminar -

If you have any comments or if you'd like to come and give us a seminar, please drop Catherine or Urmila a line.

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last updated 15th December 2003 - Urmila Kraev