Astrophysics Group Meetings and Seminars

January – July 2010

Every Thursday afternoon, the Astrophysics Group meets in the Library for seminars.`

Speakers normally give presentations of up to an hour (including time for questions) and these begin at 2.30pm unless stated otherwise.
The seminar is preceded by lunch at a local pub and is followed by coffee and biscuits

Nick Seymour and Massimiliano de Pasquale are the seminar organisers.

Calendar January - July 2010
Date Title Speaker
7th January

(cancelled due to snow)
Dr Nick Seymour
14th January

(postponed to 8th April)
Dr Christopher Conselice
University of Nottingham
21st January

The evolution of AGN over cosmic time: Current status and future prospects
Dr Matt Jarvis
University of Hertfordshire
28th January

Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope
Dr Mark Swinbank
University of Durham
4th February

MSSL show and tell
11th February

AGNs and Galaxy Formation: Clues from FIR Photometry and Optical Spectroscopy
Dr James Mullaney
University of Durham
18th February

Gamma-ray bursts as probes of the distant Universe
Dr Andrew Levan
University of Warwick
25th February

Modelling galaxy evolution
Dr Claudia Maraston
University of Portsmouth
4th March

Some observational constraints on the spin of supermassive black holes from demographics of active galactic nuclei
Dr Alejo Martinez-Sansigre
University of Oxford
11th March

The Progenitors of Galaxy Clusters
Dr Nina Hatch
University of Nottingham
18th March

High redshift galaxies: what can we learn from hydrodynamical simulations?
Dr Julien Devriendt
University of Oxford
23rd March

Fermi-LAT GRBs and Insight from Swift
Dr Judith Racusin
Goddard Space Flight Center
25th March

GRBs, their (X-ray) afterglows, and Swift
Dr Phil Evans
University of Leicester
1st April

A Grand Unified Theory of GR and QM
Prof. A. Einstein
Bern Federal Office for Intellectual Property
8th April

The GOODS NICMOS Survey: Measuring Massive Galaxy Formation at z > 2
Professor Christopher Conselice
University of Nottingham
15th April

----------no seminar: UK National Astronomy Meeting at the University of Glasgow ----------------

20th April

Co-evolution of active and star-forming galaxies from z=2 to z=0
Professor Hagai Netzer
Tel Aviv University
22nd April

AGN/Star-Formation Co-Evolution: Searching for Composite Objects
Dr Markos Trichas
Imperial College
29th April

The photoevaporation of discs around young stars: a new role for X-rays
Professor Cathie Clarke
University of Cambridge
6th May

The Outer Regions of Spiral Galaxies
Dr Mustapha Mouhcine
Liverpool John Moores University
13th May

Galaxy Formation in the First 2 Gyr
Dr Dan Stark
University of Cambridge
20th May

Extragalactic star formation activity
Dr Estelle Bayet
University College London
27th May

The dramatic X-ray spectral variability of the `mini' AGN in NGC4395
Dr Tom Dwelly
University of Southampton
3rd June

Understanding Milky Way dynamics in the large survey era
Dr Paul McMillan
University of Oxford
10th June

Quasars, galaxies and gravitational lenses in the Herschel ATLAS
Dr Stephen Serjeant
Open University
17th June

Galaxies and Structure in the z>=5 Universe
Dr Elizabeth Stanway
University of Bristol
22nd June

Massive galaxies at high-z: too small to be ignored
Dr Ignacio Trujillo
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
24th June

Black hole unification and AGN X-ray Variability
Prof. Ian McHardy
University of Southampton
1st July

Ultra-luminous far-infrared galaxies at redshift ~ 2 in the Herschel era
Prof. Alain Omont
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
6th July

The protocluster around 4c+23.56: The Subaru Observations
Dr Ichi Tanaka
8th July

AGN feedback: when, how, and how much?
Prof. Clive Tadhunter
University of Sheffield
15th July

-----------------no seminar: IRX2010 Meeting at MSSL-----------------

22nd July

-----------------------------Summer break-----------------------------

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If you have any comments or if you'd like to come and give us a seminar, please drop Nick or Max a line.

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