UCL Seminars

Seminars organised by the Physics and Astronomy Department at UCL

The following seminars have been arranged for the coming term and will be held,
as usual, on Mondays at 4.00 pm in Room A1, Top Floor, Physics Building
[Except for the ones marked with # and * which will be held on Wednesdays].
Tea and biscuits will be available beforehand in room A17, from 3.30 pm.
Everone interested is welcome to attend.

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Jonathan Rawlings


   DATE          SPEAKER        AFFILIATION              TITLE

===========   ==============    ============   ===============================
#21 January   Hong Mo Chan      RAL            Are Post-GZK Air Showers due to 
                                               Strongly Interacting Neutrinos?

26 January    Peter Wilkinson   Jodrell Bank   Latest Results from MERLIN 

2  February   Jim Pringle       IoA, Cambridge Warped Accretion Discs 

*4 February --- Dept. Colloquium --- Dept. Colloquium --- Dept. Colloquium 

16 February   Tim Harries       MSSL           Large-Scale Structures in 
                                               Wolf-Rayet Star Winds 

2 March       Philipp 
              Podsiadlowski     Oxford         SN1987a: A Mystery Solved ?

9 March       Jackie Schoendorf Boston         New Ways of Looking at the O-O+
                                               Collision Cross-Section 

16 March      Rene Oudmaijer    Imperial Coll. Models for B[e] Supergiants:
                                               HD 87643, a Case Study 


#This is a joint HEP/Astronomy seminar (Wednesday).

*The Departmental Colloquium will be held on Wednesday 4th Feb at 3:30pm.


Liz Puchnarewicz - 6th January 1998

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