XID Imaging Programme

This programme aims to obtain optical and near-infrared photometry and colours for a substantial fraction of all XMM Newton - EPIC fields.

The rationale is based on the fact that a combination of X-ray flux and X-ray colours (from the XMM Newton data) and optical magnitude and optical/IR colours (e.g. from new ground-based observations) will provide the key parameters which make possible an accurate "probabilistic" identification of the XMM sources.

This will be possible using the results from the Core Programme which characterize the XMM Newton source populations, thus providing the link, in a statistical sense, between the source identification and properties and these basic parameters.

Top image: A Quasar interacting with its companion galaxy. Shown in two different contrasts.
Bottom image: Cluster 0024+654 of elliptical and spiral galaxies.
XMM Newton will be used to study the evolution of quasars and X-ray emmisions coming from clusters of galaxies will be used to determine redshift evolutions for cosmology.

Images from the Hubble Space Telescope courtesy of the STScI.

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