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XMM-Newton papers published in the special issue of Astronomy & Astrophysics, January 2001

button The XMM-Newton Optical/UV Monitor Telescope
K. Mason, A. Breeveld, R. Much, M. Carter, F. Cordova, M. Cropper, J. Fordham, H. Huckle, C. Ho, H. Kawakami, J. Kennea, T. Kennedy, J. Mittaz, D. Pandel, W. Priedhorsky, T. Sasseen, R. Shirey, P. Smith and J.-M. Vreux.
p. L36

button UV observations of the galaxy cluster Abell 1795 with the Optical Monitor on XMM-Newton
J.P.D. Mittaz, J.S. Kaastra, T. Tamura, J. Peterson, F. Paerels, S. Trudolyubov, G. Stewart, A.C. Fabian, R.F. Mushotzky, D. Lumb and Y.Ikebe
p. L93

button Soft X-ray emission lines from a relativistic accretion disk in MCG -6-30-15 and Mrk 766
G. Branduardi-Raymont, M. Sako, S. Kahn, B. Brinkmann, J. Kaastra and M. Page
p. L140

button The variable XMM-Newton spectrum of Markarian 766
M.J. Page, K.O. Mason, Th. Boller, F.J. Carrera, J.S. Kaastra, H. Brunner,J. Clavel, C. Ferrigno, I.M. George, F. Paerels, K.A. Pounds, E.M. Puchnarewicz, M. Santos-Lleo and S.P. Trudolyubov
p. L152

button Complex resonance absorption structure in the X-ray spectrum of IRAS 13349+2438
M. Sako, S.M. Kahn, E. Behar, J.S. Kaastra, A.C. Brinkman, Th. Boller, E.M. Puchnarewicz, R. Starling, D.A. Liedahl, J. Clavel and M. Santos
p. L168

button The central region of M31 observed with XMM-Newton I. Group properties and diffuse emission
R. Shirey, R. Soria, K. Borozdin, J.P. Osborne, A. Tiengo, M. Guainazzi, C. Hayter, N. La Palombara, K. Mason, S. Molendi, F. Paerels, W. Pietsch, W. Priedhorsky, A.M. Read, M.G. Watson and R.G. West
p. L195

button XMM-Newton EPIC and RGS observations of LMC X-3
K. Wu, R. Soria, M.J. Page, I. Sakelliou, S.M. Kahn and C.P. de Vries
p. L267

button XMM-Newton Optical Monitor observations of LMC X-3
R. Soria, K. Wu, M.J. Page and I. Sakelliou
p. L273

button First XMM-Newton observations of a Cataclysmic Variable I:Timing studies of OY Car
G. Ramsay, T. Poole, K. Mason, F. Cordova, W. Priedhorsky, A. Breeveld, R. Much, J. Osborne, D. Pandel, S. Potter, J. West and P. Wheatley
p. L288

button First XMM-Newton observations of a Cataclysmic Variable II: the spectrum of OY Car
G. Ramsay, F. Cordova, J. Cottam, K. Mason, R. Much, J. Osborne, D. Pandel, T. Poole and P. Wheatley
p. L294

button Modelling the spin pulse profile of the isolated neutron star RXJ0720.4-3125 observed with XMM-Newton
M. Cropper, S. Zane, G. Ramsay, F. Haberl and C. Motch.
p. L302

button The XMM-Newton view of stellar coronae: High resolution X-ray spectroscopy of Capella
M. Audard, E. Behar, M. Güdel, A.J.J. Raassen, D. Porquet, R. Mewe, C.R. Foley and G.E. Bromage
p. L329

button The XMM-Newton view of stellar coronae: X-ray spectroscopy of the corona of AB Doradus
M. Güdel, M. Audard, K. Briggs, F. Haberl, H. Magee, A. Maggio, R. Mewe, R. Pallavicini and J. Pye
p. L336

button The XMM-Newton view of stellar coronae: coronal structure in the Castor X-ray triplet
M. Güdel, M. Audard, H. Magee, K. Franciosini, N. Grosso, F.A. Cordova, R. Pallavicini and R. Mewe
p. L344

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