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Please note that many pages are restricted to MSSL access only


o Application for access to MSSL systems
o Reporting issues or requesting help with MSSL computing
o MSSL computing helpdesk
o Using Wifi at MSSL, at Gower St. (Staff), at Gower St. (Students)
o Disposal of Redundant Computing Equipment:     Form     Disk deletion procedure     List of custodians.

OUser information

o MSSL Service news
o MSSL Basic User Notes
o UCL Information Security Group
o MSSL search engine (MSSL only)
o See also the Computing section in the MSSL Staff handbook
o UCL Information Services Division        ISD Service Desk
o MSSL Computing Quick Start Updated! 02/11/2016

O Policy matters

o Computer Procurement - email from the Head of Department 16-Oct-2008
o UCL Policies on computing use, data protection and system management
o Registered Departmental Personal Data Holdings (2016) Updated! 08/06/2016 Updated!
o Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) - monitoring use of computer and telecommunications systems
o JANET Acceptable Use Policy
o MSSL Network service access policy

O Systems & network administration

o Usernames & uids, mail aliases & lists, internal telephone list, etc.
o WWW server information (mssl only)
o Installing Sophos anti virus software
o The MSSL Certification Authority

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