BUN 17c - Managing your emails

Imagine mail as a filing system. The mail folders are the directories and the emails are the files.  
Keeping your inbox small keeps our mail system fast and stable.

Moving emails
Emails will act like files and you can move these between folders by drag-n-dropping, copy & pasting or filters.

To create a new mail folder
Right-click on the parent directory (on the where you want to create the folder) then select new folder (You can rename it at this point).

Local or remote folders
Local folders are stored locally on your machine and may not be backed up. Remote folders are stored on the server and are backed up.  Remote folder can be cached on the local machine so this method would give you the best of both type but you must select the folder for offline use.

Selecting the folder for offline use
Right click on the folder and select properties, then synchronisation and check the “Select this folder for offline use” box.

Quick search all messages
The search function in the latest version of Thunderbird will search through all your mail folders very quickly to find individual messages using almost any search criteria in any folder (Search is in the top right hand corner of the thunderbird windows). On the left side of the search box is a drop down menu that will allow you to minimise the search to different fields (To, From etc)