Installation of a Windows 7 system at MSSL

How do I get the Software?

You can either download it from in this case the file you download will be an iso file which will need to be written to a DVD. Instructions on how to do this can be found at iso to dvd or borrow a disk from the Software draw in room 127.


This is an upgrade package only so you must already have an earlier version of Windows already installed.


Insert disk and click on its icon

Select install now and follow the on screen instructions




Computer will reboot several times during installation you do NOT have to do anything




Setting up Windows 7

Once installation is complete you wil get the following screen



Select next then complete username and enter computer name MSSL??

Select next and set up a password


Set up data and time settings as below

Computer will reboot again and installation is complete


Windows 7 Set up



Select start - control panel - Network and Internet - Nework and Sharing center

Select Change adapter settings and right click Local Area Connection and select Properties

As in the example above uncheck TCP/IPv6 highlight TCP/IPv4 and select the properties button

Complete the next screen using the example below as a guide


Please note that the IP address is unique to your machine and will be assigned by Computing when the machine was registered for use on the MSSL network.

Please note that if the ip address assigned to your machine has 73 for the third decimal number then the third decimal number of the Default gateway should also be 73


Now select the advanced button followed by the DNS tab and complete this screen as below

Use the Add buttons to add information if necessary

Next click on the WINS tab set the following

Select add and enter

Uncheck the Enable LMHosts lookup box

Set NetBIOS to Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Seleck OK and OK again


Now run the Plain password patch (This allows you to access to MSSL machines including printing)

To do this open notepad by selecting Start-Accessories - Notepad and cut and paste the following



;Registry file to enable plain text passwords in Windows 7


Save this to your desktop as plainpasswordpatch.reg  Double click the file and reboot the machine

Printer set-up 

Please visit


 Please download from the UCL software database

To setup Sophos please refer to setup Sophos

Activate Windows

Please see the guide at

Primary DNS suffix is

Thats it if you experience any problems please submit and problem report at Problem report