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Academic year 2009-2010

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Thursday 3rd September 2009 Dr. Abigail Rhymer John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland Evidence for, and discovery of, the Enceladus auroral footprint [Abstract]
Thursday 22nd October 2009 Dr. Denise Gorse Dept. Computer Science, UCL Neural Networks for Classification, Prediction, and Knowledge Discovery: a Brief Survey [Abstract]
Thursday 10th December 2009 Dr. Sarah Badman Dept. Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester Multi-instrument studies of Saturn's aurora
Monday 15th March 2010 Dr. John Podesta Los Alamos National Laboratory Detection of whistler mode waves in the solar wind using Cluster
Monday 12th July 2010 Dr. Jonathan Rae and Dr. Clare Watt University of Alberta "Ground-based constraints for determining the initiation mechanism for substorm onset" and "Field-aligned Electron Acceleration Due to Alfven Waves in Auroral Plasma"

Past Seminars

If you intend to visit, you may need directions.
For further information and if you are interested in giving a talk here then please contact Chris Owen (Space Plasma Physics) or Geraint Jones (Planetary Science).

Group Meetings
Academic year 2009-2010

Date Venue Speaker (2:00 pm) Title
Monday 5th October Library Kimberley Steed A review of the paper "Proton beam velocity distributions in an interplanetary coronal mass ejection"
Monday 12th October Ariel house Geraint Jones Interplanetary Field Enhancements: the effects of dust on the solar wind
Monday 19th October Library Adam Masters Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at Saturn's magnetospheric boundary
Monday 26th October Nu meeing room Andrew Fazakerley Plasma/planetary seminar/jounal club
Monday 2nd November Common room Roger Duthie A review of the paper "Do BBFs contribute inner magnetosphere dipolarizations: Concurrent Cluster and Double Star observations"
Monday 9th November Library Planetary Ops Team (Gethyn Lewis) "Monitoring the Health of an MCP" and "Spacecraft photoelectrons and SPINE a case study"
Monday 16th November Nu meeting room Andrew Walsh A review of the paper "Ion temperature drop and quasi-electrostatic electric field at the current sheet boundary minutes prior to the local current disruption"
Monday 23rd November Library Annie Wellbrock Negative ions at Titan - density trends
Monday 30th November Library Andrew Fazakerley Is coronal upflowing plasma in fact escaping to form part of the solar wind?
Monday 7th December Nu meeting room Chris Owen Report on M-class mission presentation - Paris 1 Dec 2009
Monday 14th December Library Sheila Kanani A review of the paper "Electron density dropout near Enceladus in the context of water-vapour and water-ice"
Monday 11th January Library n/a Canceled due to bad weather
Monday 18th January Library Chuan Li Solar cosmic rays and neutron monitors
Thursday 28th January Nu meeting room n/a discussion/news/PDRA meeting
Thursday 4th February Library Colin Forsyth A review of physics in the auroral acceleration region
Thursday 11th February Nu meeting room Andrew Coates MSSL in the Aurora programme: ExoMars PanCam
Thursday 18th February Nu meeting room Chris Arridge On the origin of the Saturn's outer auroral emission, SKR source region
Thursday 25th February Common room Andrew Walsh A review of the paper "Particle and field characteristics of the high latitude plasma sheet boundary layer"
Thursday 4th March Nu meeting room Geraint Jones Crossings of comet's ion tails
Thursday 11th March Nu meeting room n/a People are not around
Thursday 18th March Nu meeting room Adam Masters Structure and dynamics of the boundary of Saturn's magnetosphere
Thursday 25th March Ariel house Sheila Kanani A review of injection and interchange processes in Saturn's magnetosphere
Monday 29th March Nu meeting room Cluster Ops team (Branislav Mihaljcic) Cluster studies of low energy electrons and using these for spacecraft potential estimation
Monday 5th April Library n/a Bank holiday
Monday 12th April Library n/a NAM/UKSP/MIST week
Monday 19th April Library Chris Owen Flux Transfer Events: Highroad to the X-line?
Thursday 29th April Nu meeting room Anne Wellbrock Electron acceleration regions at and near Titan's ionospheric pile-up boundary
Monday 3rd May Library n/a Bank holiday
Monday 10th May Common room Chuan Li Non-thermal electron populations produced at the Sun and observed near the Earth
Monday 17th May Library Segheen Byene A review of the paper "Bi-layer structure of counter streaming electrons"
Monday 24th May Nu meeting room Colin Forsyth A review of the paper "Determination of auroral electrostatic potentials using high- and low-altitude particle distributions"
Monday 31st May Library n/a Bank holiday
Monday 7th June Nu meeting room Andrew Coates Ion pickup at comets: comparison with other unmagnetized objects
Monday 14th June Library Kimberley Steed A review of the paper "Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Activity of Low Mass M Stars as an Important Factor for the Habitability of Terrestrial Exoplanets. I. CME Impact on Expected Magnetospheres of Earth-Like Exoplanets in Close-In Habitable Zones"
Monday 21st June Library Yudish Ramanjooloo Solar wind interaction with comet Machholz as revealed by amateur images
Monday 28th June Nu meeting room Chris Arridge "Magnetospheric dynamics driven by internal magnetospheric processes" with a review of "Yoneda et al. (2010) Jupiter's magnetospheric change by Io's volcanoes, GRL, 37, L11202"

The cake club rota can be found here (maintained by Gethyn Lewis).

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