Space Plasma Group Instrumentation

The MSSL Space Plasma Group has provided instrumentation for a large number of space flight missions.  These are listed here:

Stereo Camera System for Beagle 2 - Britain's mission to search for life on Mars (launch June 2003) .

PEACE – CLUSTER II’s  Plasma Electron and Current Experiment (due for launch July 15 and August 9, 2000).

CAPS/ELS - Cassini Plasma Spectrometer/Electron Spectrometer.

TIMAS - Toroidal Imaging Mass Angle Spectrometer for the POLAR spacecraft.

AMPTE UKS Three-Dimensional Ion Instrument.

JPA - The Johnstone Plasma Analyser aboard the Giotto spacecraft.          

LEPA – Low Energy Plasma Analyser on the CRRES spacecraft.

AREA – Microchannel plate detector system for electron instrument on Pulsaur Rocket

SEM-2 – Electronics and calibration for Meteosat 3 (P2).

FONEMA - Fast Omni-directional Non-scanning Energy Mass Analyser on Mars-96.

CID - Cold Ion Detector  on board STRV-1a,

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