Vital Statistics
How big is it?
If the mass of all the planets in the solar system is 1 MegaPlanet, how many MegaPlanets do you think the mass of the Sun would be? i.e. Mass of the Sun is equal to the 1 MegaPlanet multiplied by; 
0.5 X All Planets 3X All Planets 57X All Planets 745X All Planets 10500X All Planets
How far away is  it?
If a plane flys at 500 kilometers per hour, how many days do you think it would take to fly from the Earth to the Sun ?
8 hours 1 week 7 months 34 years 425 years
What size is it?
How many earths lined up would be as wide as the diameter of the Sun? 
0.5 wide 3 wide 15 wide 37 wide 109 wide