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Congratulations to Prof. Len Culhane

Len has been made an Fellow of UCL. Fellowships of UCL are awarded to former students of UCL who have either attained distinction in their subject or rendered expectional service to UCL or have/had a close association with UCL.  (17/06/2008)
 Announcing First Results from Hinode

Organized by MSSL, TCD, and Armagh Obs. in Trinity College Dublin, Dublin (20-24th August 2007).   Visit the Meeting Webpage  -   Agenda  -   Downloading all presentations here.

Hinode/EIS science meeting and workshop was held in MSSL (Mar. 13 ~ 15, 2007)

 Special congratulations to Giulio Del Zanna
who has just been offered the (highly competitive) 5-year PPARC Advanced Fellowship, to be held at MSSL (start date yet to be decided).   click  here  for more information.
 Special congratulations to Urmila Mitra Kraev,

who has just been awarded a Ph.D. for her thesis entitled "Flares on active M-type stars observed with XMM-Newton and Chandra".(22/02/2007)
Electronic Version of the thesis is here!

Congratulation to Prof. Len Culhane for his winning of Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) Gold Medal (2007)

"Each year, the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) presents a number of prestigious awards to members of the astronomy (A) and geophysics (G) communities for their outstanding contributions to science."
"The Gold Medal for Astronomy is awarded to Professor J. L. (Len) Culhane of Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London (MSSL-UCL), for his work in X-ray astronomy, particularly in relation to the Sun."    click  here  for more information.

Hinode first-light image comes out!

All the instruments of   Hinode   have now had first light images,   click  here  to view. There is more information about Hinode instrument status and near-future plans!

An Invitation to the UK Solar Physics Community!

Since Hinode has now been launched, the UK Hinode/EIS team invites proposals for observations to be carried out once the first ninety days of normal operations are complete. 

GET INVOLVED!   Click  here  for Announcement and more information!

Solar-B new nickname:   Hinode   (pronounce Hee-no-day, means sunrise)

Solar-B successfully launched at 22:36 on 2006-09-22 (BST)
       Days          Hours         Mins         Secs
since launch

Latest updating

  • JAXA has confirmed satellite separation and solar panel deployment succeeded!   Click  here   for more information! (09/23 @ USC)
  • Congratulation! Solar-B orbit injection is confirmed successful! (09/23 @ USC)
  • Launch operation is going well along the schedule (09/22 @ USC)
  • MSSL Solar-B launch event was held at 20:30 (09/22 @ MSSL)
  • SOLAR-B/M-V-7 launch rehearsal completed (09/19 @ USC)
Solar-B Launch Gallery
Picture courtesy of ISAS
For more information, please visit MSSL Solar-B website, Solar-B Science Center (UK), ISAS Solar-B homepage, NAOJ SolarB project and NASA Solar-B website.

Solar-B is scheduled to launch

from the Uchinoura Space Center (USC/Japan) by M-V-7 rocket. The earliest launch window is on Fri, 22 Sep 2006 21:00 - 22:00 (UT), with possible launch opportunities in the following 7 days.

Our chief observer/planner for EIS ( David Williams) is already on his way to Japan on Sep 12, 2006.

News from the Group — Promotions!

We are very happy to announce that there have been two promotions within the Solar & Stellar Physics group this month
A very different professor
Congratulations go to both Louise Harra for her recent appointment as Professor, and Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi for her promotion to Reader in Solar Physics!
 Special congratulations to Christopher Goff,

who has just been awarded a Ph.D. for his thesis, entitled "X-ray studies of flaring magnetic structures".(06/10/2005)

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