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  • Appourchaux, T., Liewer, P., Watt, M., Alexander, D., Andretta, V., Auchère, F., D'Arrigo, P., Ayon, J., Corbard, T., Fineschi, S., Finsterle, W., Floyd, L., Garbe, G., Gizon, L., Hassler, D., HARRA, L., Kosovichev, A., Leibacher, J., Leipold, M., Murphy, N., Maksimovic, M., Martinez-Pillet, V., MATTTHEWS, S. A., Mewaldt, R., Moses, D., Newmark, J., Régnier, S., Schmutz, W., Socker, D., Spadaro, D., Stuttard, M., Trosseille, C., Ulrich, R., Velli, M., Vourlidas, A., Wimmer-Schweingruber, C. R. & Zurbuchen, T., POLAR investigation of the Sun - POLARIS, Experimental Astronomy, 2008. Refereed published. 10.1007/s10686-008-9107-8

  • Asai, A., Hara, H., Watanabe, T., Imada, S., Sakao, T., Narukage, N., CULHANE, J.L. & Doschek, G.A., Strongly Blueshifted Phenomena Observed with Hinode EIS in the 2006 December 13 Solar Flare, Astrophysical Journal, 685, 622-628, 2008. Refereed published. 10.1086/590419

  • Aschwanden, M., Lee, J.K., Gary, G.A., SMITH, M. & Inhester, B., Comparison of Five Numerical Codes for Automated Tracing of Coronal Loops, Solar Physics, 248, 359-377, 2008. Refereed published. 10.1007/s11207-007-9064-9

  • ATTRILL, G.D.R., Low Coronal Signatures of Coronal Mass Ejections: Coronal 'Waves' and Dimmings, University of London, PhD thesis, 2008.

  • ATTRILL, G.D.R., van DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L., Demoulin, P., Zhukov, A.N., STEED, K., HARRA, L.K., Mandrini, C.H. & Linker, J., The Recovery of CME-Related Dimmings and the ICME's Enduring Magnetic Connection to the Sun, Solar Phys., 252, 349-372, 2008. Refereed published. 10.1007/s11207-008-9255-z

  • BAKER, D., VAN DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L., CULHANE, J.L., Kamio, S., HARRA, L.K., Sun, J., Young, P., Doschek, G., Brooks, D., Lundquist, L. & Hansteen, V., Hinode/EIS and XRT observations of hot jets - a failed escape attempt?, in Proceedings Hinode first results meeting, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Trinity College, Dublin, 21-24 August 2007, 397, 23, Sarah A. Matthews, John M. Davis, and Louise K. Harra (Eds.), ASPC, 2008. Non-refereed published.

  • BONE, L., CULHANE, J.L., VAN DRIEL-GESZTELYI, L. & Hara, H., Long duration thermal hard X-ray sources observed in two eruptive flares, in Proceedings of Hinode first results meeting, Trinity College, Dublin, 21-24 August 2007, 397, 160, Sarah A. Matthews, John M. Davis, and Louise K. Harra (Eds.), ASPC, 2008. Non-refereed published.

  • Chifor, C., Isobe, H., Mason, H.E., Hannah, I.G., Young, P.R., DEL ZANNA, G., Krucker, S., Ichimoto, K., Katsukawa, Y. & Yokoyama, T., Magnetic flux cancellation associated with a recurring solar jet observed with Hinode, RHESSI, and STEREO/EUVI, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 491, 279-288, 2008. Refereed published. 10.1051/0004-6361:200810265

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  • Delannée, C., TÖRÖK, T., Aulanier, G. & Hochedez, J.-F., A New Model for Propagating Parts of EIT Waves: A Current Shell in a CME, Solar Physics, 247, 123-150, 2008. Refereed published. 10.1007/s11207-007-9085-4

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