XMM Users' Handbook

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XMM calendar of events

In the following we list the most important dates relating to the upcoming XMM mission.

Date Event
23.09.1998 Release of XMM Users' Handbook (Issue 1.0)
30.09.1998 First XMM Workshop at ESTEC
19.01.1999 Release of AO-1
19.01.1999 Release of XRPS software for proposal submission
19.01.1999 Release of XMM Users' Handbook (Issue 1.1)
17.04.1999 00:00 UT - Deadline for AO-1
02.08.1999 SAS release
21.01.2000 XMM launch date
02.07.2000 Approximate start of XMM open time observations (TBC)

European Space Agency - XMM Science Operations Centre