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Andrea Comastri
Chris Done
Andy Fabian
Alberto Franceschini
Gunther Hasinger
Dave Hughes
Simon Lilly
Ian McHardy
Mat Page
Jean-Loup Puget
Michael Rowan-Robinson
Aneta Siemiginowska
Ian Smail
Gordon Stewart

Missing piece logo Preliminary topics

X-ray spectroscopy of AGN and the extragalactic background
Present and future X-ray deep surveys
Evolution of AGN in X-rays
Observations of high-redshift quasars
The faint blue galaxy population
Current accretion disc theory and modelling of AGN spectra

COBE FIRAS and the sub-mm background
CFRS optical survey (including SCUBA deep observations)
Sub-mm observations of objects at high-redshift
Deep ISO/SCUBA observations of the Hubble Deep Field
Galaxy number counts
Models of galaxy formation
PLANCK and the sub-mm background
FIRST and the sub-mm background

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