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Thursday 10th September

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Introduction Keith Mason
10:45 Scientific Aims Walter Gear

Missing piece logo Session 1: X-ray and IR/sub-mm backgrounds
Chair: Keith Mason
11:00 COBE FIRAS and the sub-mm background Jean-Loup Puget
11:30 The X-ray background Guenther Hasinger
12:00 The origin of the X-ray background Andy Fabian
12:30 Galaxy number counts Alberto Franceschini

13:00 Lunch and posters

Missing piece logo Session 2: Observations/theory of galaxies and AGN
Chair: Ian McHardy
14:30 X-ray spectroscopy of AGN Andrea Comastri
15:00 Sub-mm observations of high-z starburst galaxies and AGN David Hughes
15:30 Local galaxy sub-mm luminosity function Steve Eales

16:00 Afternoon tea

Missing piece logo Session 3: AGN and galaxy evolution
Chair: Michael Rowan-Robinson
16:30 Evolution of AGN Mat Page
17:00 The Cosmic Microwave Background and Theories of Galaxy Formation George Efstathiou

17:30 Cosmology at intermediate redshifts with X-ray observations Xavier Barcons
17:50 AGN in deep submillimetre surveys Omar Almaini

18:45 Depart for workshop dinner

Friday 11th September

Missing piece logo Session 4: Observations/theory continued
Chair: Andy Fabian
09:00 Models for the production of AGN X-ray spectra Chris Done
09:30 Obscured AGN Gordon Stewart
10:00 Long-Term Evolution of Accretion Disks in AGN and the UV-X-ray Background Aneta Siemiginowska

10:30 Morning coffee

Missing piece logo Session 5: Surveys
Chair: Jean-Loup Puget
11:00 The SCUBA deep lens survey Ian Smail
11:30 Deep ISO/SCUBA observations of the Hubble Deep Field Michael Rowan-Robinson
12:00 The UK-Canada deep SCUBA survey Steve Eales
12:30 Present and future X-ray deep surveys Ian McHardy

13:00 Lunch and posters

Missing piece logo Session 6: Future research
Chair: Walter Gear
14:30 Planck and the sub-mm background Jean-Loup Puget
14:50 FIRST and the submillimetre background Matt Griffin
15:10 AXAF and the X-ray background Martin Elvis
15:30 Summary Andy Lawrence

16:00 Workshop close Keith Mason

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