Swift artistic impression Oral presentations

Robin Barnard Artificial variability in XMM-Newton observations of M31 X-ray sources, and beyond
Darren Baskill Hidden magnetic accretors in Cataclysmic Variables: latest results from XMM-Newton
Michael Bode Swift observations of the 2006 outburst of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi
Catherine Brocksopp The 2005 Outburst of GRO J1655-40 - Swift observations of a black hole X-ray transient
Matt Burleigh The nature of the close magnetic white dwarf + brown dwarf binary SDSS J121209.31+013627.7
Robert Dunn Relating accretion rate and jet power in elliptical galaxies
Tom Dwelly The evolution and demographics of obscured AGN
Antonis Georgakakis The environment of AGN at z~1
James Graham Tracing gas motions in the Centaurus Cluster
Matt Hilton The XMM Cluster Survey
Nazirah Jetha AGN heating in cores of galaxy groups
Ian McHardy AGN line-width and black hole timing
Roberto Mignani XMM-Newton observations of unidentified gamma-ray objects
Gavin Ramsay Ultra-compact binaries
Anne Sansom The evolution of the ISM in post-merger galaxies
Rebecca Smith X-ray and optical variability of AGN as observed with XMM-Newton
Ranjan Vasudevan Bolometric corrections for AGN and studies of the X-ray background
Mike Watson The 2XMMp catalogue

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