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Alex Blustin Exceptionally high signal-to-noise XMM-Newton RGS spectroscopy of the ionised outflow from NGC 7469
Alex Blustin Genealogy of UK X-ray astronomy
Jenny Carter An XMM-Newton search for X-ray emission from Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds
Poshak Gandhi Angular clustering of hard X-ray AGN in a large contiguous survey
Richard Owen XMM-Newton observations of NGC 3184
Kim Page The UK Swift Science Data Centre
Patricia Schady The dust and gas content in the local environment of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs)
Lindsey Shaw Greening Cumulative Luminosity Functions of M31 - X-ray Point Sources
Rebecca Smith The high resolution X-ray spectrum of Mrk 509
Roberto Soria X-ray spectra and black hole masses in ULXs
Rowan Temple Background subtraction for XMM-Newton observations of extended sources
Yueheng Xu Normal galaxies in the XMM-2dF survey

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