Science writing


My education and general science articles are listed below.


Into the unknown in 2014, the Wired World from Wired magazine

Get ready for solar maximum, Sky at Night magazine

In awe of the aurora, Sky at Night magazine (February edition)


The Prospero Satellite, Sky at Night magazine

Following in their footsteps (my science hero), The Times' Eureka magazine


See Further into Eclipses, Metro newspaper in assocation with the Royal Society

A welcome dose of winter sun, The Times' Eureka magazine

Intervew with David Willetts MP, Astronomy and Geophysics, volume 51, p.12-13.


Trailblazing. Commentaries of some the seminal papers published by the Royal Society tied in with their 350th anniversary.


Big Bang Blogs, resident expert answering questions about my job

Discovering Planets, Quick guide for the Triple Science GCSE's

The Sun, Quick guide for the Triple Science GCSE's

The solar atmosphere, Science in School magazine

Life as a solar astronomer, Catalyst magazine


Amazing Atmospheres, Sky at Night magazine

International Heliophyiscal Year, Catalyst magazine

International Heliophyiscal Year, Science Technology magazine

So you want to work in space, the Guardian


The Solar System takes centre stage, Frontiers magazine


Aurora Masterclass, Sky at Night magazine

The active Sun Masterclass, Sky at Night magazine