SSC Consortium meeting number 28 - Programme

22nd January 2015

SAS Working Group

09:15 Agree Agenda - Review Actions Carlos Gabriel
09:30 SAS Status Carlos Gabriel
09:45 MOS SAS - status and future Aitor Ibarro
10:00 PN SAS - updates in SAS 14 and outlook for SAS 15 Michael Freyberg
10:15 RGS SAS - latest and next developments Aitor Ibarra
10:30 OM SAS - legacy / fixes for SAS 14 Vladimir Yershov / Richard Saxton
10:45 CAL - what's new in SAS 14 Richard Saxton
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 SAS integration Eduardo Ojero
11:30 ESAS upgrades / new CCFs Brendan Perry
11:45 SAS from a new angle Richard Saxton
12:00 Status of stacked source detection Iris Traulsen
12:15 EPIC image tool / SAS 14 implementation Michael Freyberg
12:20 Pipeline development / new PPS_14 Jose Vicente Perrea
12:45 Catalogues' issues Simon Rosen
12:50 Wrapping up - SAS and PPS futures Carlos Gabriel

13:00 Lunch

SSC Science Advisory Group I

(Times include 5 minutes for questions for each non-introductory talk)

14:00 Welcome to MSSL Mat Page
14:05 Welcome to the 28th SSC meeting Natalie Webb
14:15 XMM-Newton mission status Maria Santos-Lleo
14:35 SAS status and development Carlos Gabriel
14:55 Pipeline status and future Pedro Rodriguez
15:15 EPIC pn Michael Freyberg
15:35 Coffee break
16:00 EPIC MOS Jean Ballet
16:20 RGS status Aitor Ibarra
16:40 OM status Vladimir Yershov
17:00 The XCatDB Laurent Michel
17:20 3XMM-DR4, the latest news Simon Rosen
17:40 3XMM-DR5 Natalie Webb
18:00 The Toulouse catalogue database Ivan Zolotukhin
18:40 End of the Session

20:00 Meeting Dinner

23rd January 2015

SSC Science Advisory Group II

09:15 Source detection on stacked images Iris Traulsen

Science Talks (Times include 5 minutes for questions for each talk)

09:35 The 2nd data release of the XMM-OM source catalogue Vladimir Yershov
10:00 BALQSOs in XWAS Mat Page
10:25 2XMM and 3XMM compact objects, including the intermediate mass black hole ESO 243-49 HLX-1 Natalie Webb
10:50 The XCLASS galaxy cluster catalogue built from the XMM archive Nicolas Clerc
11:10 Coffee break
11:25 True Sy2 Mike Watson
11:45 The ARCHES project Christian Motch
12:10 ARCHES: Finding and characterising galaxy clusters in 3XMM Axel Schwope
12:35 X-ray catalog production between Rosat and eROSITA Michael Freyberg
13:00 Wrap up and lunch All

13:00 Lunch

14:00-16:30 Steering group (closed meeting)

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