ReSIK calibration files

by Matt Whyndham


Files are Microsoft Word unless otherwise stated.
    4/7/2002   Detector Calibration Plan
    7 /11/2002   Detector Calibration Report
    13/11/2002   Outline Instrument Status Paper (also as HTML)
Dates are day/month/year.


All files are PostScript generated by IDL unless indicated
summary : Central position (spectrum) peaks for all sources and detectors. This data shows (roughly) the position resolution of each band and order.
From top: (Channel Order Source)
Channel A1 Cal Mo-L, I Sn-L, III Ge;
A2 Cal Mo, I Cl, II Cr, III Cu Ka;
B3 Cal Mo 1480 V, Cal Mo 1450, I Ag-L, III Cu Kb;
B4 Cal Mi, II Ti, III Co;
NB: Hardware-based channel names as per summary.xls.

vsweep : Voltage Sweeps. First page is a summary plot. Subsequent pages (one for each detector swept) shows a PHA plot for each voltage in the sweep - source data referenced in title. vsweep3term : Some of the fits failed, so were done again without the polynomial background. The fit results are in vsweep_fits.txt.

vsweep_counters : Counter data plotted side by side for the Voltage Sweeps. These show the optimum setting for HV in each case (maximum ratio of INW:ALL).