A selection of Matthew's SOHO documents

9 Jan 98, Matthew Whyndham mwt@mssl.ucl.ac.uk, MSSL-UCL for SOHO-CDS

8 Jan 98
Introductory Notes for the Great Leap Forward, a focussed activity of the GIS calibration working group, which aims to "crack" many of the outstanding GIS calibration issues.
8 Jan 98
Concept of Interleaving LUTs-
minimise Ghosts by dividing the r-theta plane into a number of segments, each with their optimised LUT
8 Jan 98Procedure for Generating and Checking GSETS

28 May 96 Detector in-flight calibration Analysis Report No. 1
21 Mar 97 Screen shots of raw data analysis tool "XV_RAW"
11 Apr 97 Table of Key GSETS, showing r-theta plots of raw files