Nick Seymour’s Home Page


I have moved to CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science since June 2011.

I am an astronomer at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory where I have been a post-doc since August 2008. My research interests include high redshift radio galaxies, their environments, galaxy evolution at radio and IR wavelengths and obscured AGN. I am also working on the Herschel multi-tiered extra-galactic survey, HERMES.

The picture above is a three colour IR image of the field of the radio galaxy 4C23.56. This radio galaxy lies at a redshift of 2.5, i.e. 3/4 of the way back to Big Bang, and is the red object in the center of the field. Greener objects are those likely to lie at the same distance as 4C23.56 and hence be part of a proto-cluster, an ancestor of the massive galaxy clusters we see today.

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