Space weather Operational Airline Risks Service (SOARS)
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General Space Weather Conditions

4panel of X-rays, Protons, Electrons and Kp Index
Forecast Kp and Dst (RWC, Sweden) run 3+ hrs ahead of present time.
See also Estimated Kp-Index (NOAA).
Other plots: [X-ray plus] [X-ray 1m]
See the Links page for other sites with Space Weather forecasts.
Latest images: EUV/X-ray (activity location) and coronagraph (CMEs).
Latest EIT 195 Ang data
Latest LASCO C3 data
Current Space Weather Forecast, provided by SIDC (ROB/BIRA)

Current Activity Reports, provided by NOAA/SEC
Range 1 (minor) to 5 (extreme)
NOAA Scale
(SWF) Radio Blackouts
Solar Radiation Storms
Geomagnetic Storms
Current Alerts/Warnings (issued by NOAA/SEC) [Criteria]
Recent Reports of Solar Activity (Flares & CMEs)

Forecast Probability of Flaring (NOAA/SEC)
Flare Type 2019 Jul 18 2019 Jul 19 2019 Jul 20
M Class 1% 1% 1%
X Class 1% 1% 1%
Proton 1% 1% 1%
(Issued at ~2200 UT on previous day)

Flaring Probability by Active Region (NOAA/SEC)
Forecast for: 18-Jul-2019
AR No. C Class M Class X Class Proton
- - - - -
(Issued at ~2200 UT on previous day)
Location of Active Regions (Raben Systems) [Key]
(Activity on the western half of the disk is most likely to be geo-effective)