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Systems and Network Manager

Name: Dr. Alan Buxey

Job title: Systems and Network Manager

What education and qualifications do you have?

9 GCSEs, 3 A-Levels, degree in chemistry and PhD in chemical physics

Give an outline of your career so far

I worked in part-time jobs during university (supermarkets etc) ... then worked in a laboratory at the university during summer holidays ... after I got my degree my initial plans to do a PhD in Sweden were cancelled at last minute ... I took a PhD position in the lab. After PhD continued to work in the lab as a postdoc for a further 2 years, continuing research and helping undergraduates and other PhD students. After my contract ended I took a position at MSSL

Why did you choose this career path?

I wanted to go to university once I was in college. Original idea was to be an accountant or solicitor ... but found more interest in science. Although better at biology I was more interested in chemistry. It was only after my degree that I started looking into physics more. During all this time I was involved in computing.

What does your current work involve?

Maintaining the computing system at MSSL. Introducing new technologies and implementing software systems to meet scientific requirements. Checking security of the systems, patching and upgrading of the systems. Making sure systems have crucial backups and failure recovery systems. Supplying a helpdesk position for users who need instructions, help or password changing. Maintaining a database of users, systems and network topology. Ensuring that the computing aspect of all projects is at the required level and capability.

Hobbies and interests outside work

I enjoy sports (hockey, football, tennis, volleyball, swimming), playing and watching. I also enjoy music, films and gaming. I play bass guitar and keyboards, was once in a band ... had a single and album released, once played in front of 80,000.


Alan moved on to a similar role at Loughborough University.

In the spaghetti room

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